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Opening Students’ Eyes to the World of Possibilities Through Promoting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Launched in 2010, is a website promoting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (S.T.E.M.). Headquartered in Atlanta, was developed to encourage students’ interest and participation in these fields providing tremendous opportunities in exciting careers. Students will learn that S.T.E.M. has a direct correlation to every career field in the 21st century. From aircraft engineers, automobile designers, digital advertising executives, physicians, to architects, everyone in the work force is affected by S.T.E.M. on a daily basis.

Our intent is to engage and motivate students about the importance of achievement, the value of self discipline, and the need for early career and postsecondary planning. We seek to increase the pipeline of talented individuals, particularly in math and science.

Dr. Bernard Harris (1st Black astronaut to walk in space) asserted “over 90 percent of future jobs will require expertise in math and science.” The future is filled with opportunities. As a result, African Americans in particular must align skills development with industry trends. While opportunities abound for those equipped to handle today‚Äôs industrial challenge, students must pursue and be proficient in these fields in order to have an impact on not only their lives but on the world of tomorrow.

Why STEMcp



Too many times students are foreclosing on career options because they don’t know they exist, and that they can work towards confronting some of the most attractive challenges of our world.


Mentors are essential for achievement. Our vision is to create a repository of S.T.E.M. professionals to be used as a frame of reference for bright, hardworking students to support the next generation of innovative and critical thinkers.


Our goal is to provide a conduit of talented career path seekers as well as a distinguished environment for corporate, private and government agencies to showcase their diversity career opportunities.