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Gratification of America

As one might consider pursuing their graduate degree in sociology, thinking about how the Internet has impacted society and changed our lives, will always be a topic of discussion. Since the burgeoning of the Internet industry, the way people live their lives has rapidly changed. The U.S. has seen people turn to their computers for [...]

Presidential Award Honoring Dr. Juan Gilbert

The White House Honors Dr. Juan Gilbert By: Sorilbran Buckner, Dr. Juan Gilbert is one of nine individuals and eight organizations who has received the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring at the White House in 2011. The award recognizes the efforts of those individuals who are committed to demonstrating leadership [...]

Off-sides On Twitter according to Paid Content?

Twitter is tough for control freaks. Sure, you get to send your own message and skip the middle men usually the media but once it’s out there, you have no say about who picks it up, how they re-frame it to share (if they share it at all) or what it gets lumped in with [...]