Engineers Make a Difference: Motivating Students to Pursue An Engineering Education

Written by Celeste Baine

Engineers Make a Difference is about “showing the color” of engineering and, as a result, capturing students’ passion, imagination, curiosity and dreams; to inspire them to create a life of abundance, meaning and satisfaction from such a pursuit. It’s about finding ways to attract diversity in traditionally white, male-dominated fields, and it examines how we can use engineering’s full rainbow of choices to enhance the public’s perception of engineering — making it more understandable, captivating and socially desirable.

With a focus on the state of K-12 engineering education and motivating students, this book is an invitation to explore engineering and share the fun with students of all ages. Loaded with practical suggestions and over a dozen ways to lure the least-interested student, Baine is the pioneer that we need right now.


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