Unheralded but Unbowed

By Garland L Thompson

“Unheralded but Unbowed” is a history, written out of the author’s long involvement with the annual Black Engineer of the Year Awards contest sponsored by US Black Engineer & Information Technology magazine. Thompson, a technology pro-turned journalist, has sat on the Selection Panel for these awards for a quarter of a century. Frustrated that the stories of these top professionals went untold as his mainstream-media colleagues

rushed to cover developments in the Knowledge Enterprise driving our technology-dependent society, Thompson set out to write a different kind of history, one that illustrates the under-appreciated, but very direct connections between the struggles of African American scientists and engineers for access and career success and the larger battles by African Americans for full rights and equality of opportunity in American society. “Unheralded but Unbowed,” product of a four-year labor of love, is the inspiring result.


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