Simon Bloom: The Octopus Effect

Written by Michael Reisman

Some of you may have seen the earlier cover for The Octopus Effect, but don’t be fooled – you want the one with Simon’s legs kicking deep, deep.

Book 2 of the Simon Bloom series takes place 5 months after The Gravity Keeper ended. Simon Bloom, Owen and Alysha are enjoying their lives as members of the Order of Physics, but everything is about to change. An old enemy is on the loose, and Simon must lead his friends in pursuit, taking them to the undersea dome that houses the Order of Biology.

What will they find there? Will they gain new powers? And just what is the Octopus Effect? You’ll find out the answers to these, and at least two other questions (of my choice), in the sequel to Simon Bloom, the Gravity Keeper!

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