All the Right Moves: The Najee McGreen Story

By Ron Berman

Meet 18-year-old Najee McGreen, born and raised in Brooklyn, in New York City. Najee has dreams of doing big things in the world … BIG things. Is he a chart-topping rapper, a famous athlete, or a movie star? Nope. But he is living proof that with education, determination, and a willingness to work hard, dreams can come true. Najee is an inspirational figure and a worthy role model. He’s been a chess champion, a web designer, a business owner, and an award winner…

all before completing high school! All the Right Moves traces the fascinating progression from small child to accomplished teenaged business leader. Along the way, the worthwhile life lessons Najee has learned are offered up to the reader. Najee McGreen is currently a medical student at Johns Hopkins University, where he hopes to integrate medicine and technology to tackle some of the most difficult and important challenges of the new millennium. He has dreams of changing the world, and he challenges all young people to work hard and shoot for the stars.


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