Black Pioneers of Science and Invention

Written by Dr. Louis Haber

A readable, perceptive account of the lives of fourteen gifted innovators who have played important roles in scientific and industrial progress. The achievements of Norbert Rillieux, Elijah McCoy, Lewis Howard Latimer, Lloyd A. Hall, Louis Tompkins Wright, and others have made jobs easier, saved countless lives, and in many cases, altered the course of history. A fascinating exposé of the lives of the black inventors who made revolutionary contributions to industry.

Includes a bibliography and an index.

DR. LOUIS HABER had a long and distinguished career teaching science. An adjunct professor at Pace University and Lehman College, he held graduate degrees in both science and education. Knowing that science textbooks lacked information on contributions by black American pioneers, spent four years researching and writing this book. He died in 1988.Professor Haber


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