George Washington Carver: The Genius Behind the Peanut

By Camilla J. Wilson

George Washington Carver: The Genius Behind the Peanut, is a biography about the scientist George Washington Carver. The book explains Carver’s life in chronological order. His mother was a slave owned by Moses Carver. Carver would have normally worked in the fields but he was so sickly that he helped out around the house with Moses’ wife. He became interested in plants and dirt and rocks as a young child. He moved around all through his life starting at 11 when he left his home to go to school in another town.

Carver was an agricultural scientist and a botanist. Besides peanut butter, he developed 325 derivative products from peanuts, 118 sweet-potato products. Add to that another hundred or so products from another dozen plant sources.

The book has a wealth of information about Carver. The book is age appropriate and would be good to use for a resource for a project for a student.


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