Simon Bloom: The Gravity Keeper

Simon Bloom: The Gravity Keeper

Written by Michael Reisman

This is the story of Simon Bloom, an imaginative 11-year old boy who finds the wondrous Teacher’s Edition of Physics (or does it find him?), a Book that lets him control the laws of Physics.

Simon and his friends, Owen and Alysha, have a great time with these powers, but unfortunately, they’re not the only ones who know about it. The Book belongs to a group, called the Order of Physics, who wants it back. Plus, there are two villains who will stop at nothing to get the Book for their own nasty plans. Of course, all of these people have their own science powers… and it’s only a matter of time before they find Simon and his friends.

Now you, yes you, can control the universe! This book has action, adventure and humor, all set in a modern-day New Jersey town.

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