The Gifted Kids’ Survival Guide

Written by Judy Galbraith

Based on 1,000 new surveys with gifted kids, this book will continue to help countless bright, talented children know they”re not ”weird” or alone in the world. It answers their questions about what gifted is (and isn”t), how to cope with teasing, how to deal with high expectations and perfectionism, how to make friends, and much more. It”s upbeat, informative, friendly, and compact. At a time when some gifted programs are being challenged, scaled back, or dropped, it”s more important than ever to have “The Gifted Kids” Survival Guide”.

This book is geared toward young gifted and talented readers; however, it is also a short and easy read for adults who would like to begin building a knowledge base about what it means to be GT. Judy Galbraith’s more than 20 years of experience working with the gifted community make this book a forthright and enlightening resource.

“Being excluded from peers can be confusing, even for the brightest young minds. Now in a revised, updated, and expanded third edition, The Gifted Kids’ Survival Guide: For Ages 10 & Under is a guide for young gifted and talented children who may not think their talents are a gift. With much advice for young people about understanding their gifts and learning that being brainy is not a detriment, The Gifted Kids’ Survival Guide is the perfect gift for the under-confident and over-skilled young reader.”—The Midwest Book Review, Reviewer’s Choice

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