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Explore careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math with the following profiles. You will find below the career description, links to government and national organizations, which include information such as skill requirements, salary and training required. Check back soon to view our Science and Technology verticals.

Presentation Styles

If you listen to the noise from the cyber crowd, sooner or later, you’ll run into the clique of people who use buzz words like, “personal brand,” “positioning,” “global market” and “unique value proposition.” Branding gurus now populate blogs and hold educational courses that teach strategies to savvy professionals looking for the best ways to [...]

Mathematics Careers

Mathematics Mathematics teaches patience, discipline, and step-by-step problem-solving skills. For those with a substantial background in mathematics, an unlimited number of career opportunities are available. Even if you do not choose a career specifically in the mathematical sciences, studying as much mathematics as you can is a good way to keep your career options open. [...]

Engineering Careers

You have math and science classes and both are basic to engineering. Engineers are team players with independent minds who ask, “How can we develop a better recycling system to protect the environment, design a school that can withstand an earthquake, or create cutting-edge special effects for the movies?” By dreaming up creative and practical [...]

Career Advice/Tips

STEM Career Paths: Career Advice and Tips Offering free career advice and tips for interviewing, preparation, resume creation. Get practical advice to prepare for your career path.    

Career Resources

Women in Engineering
The Coalition for Science After School
American Mathematical Society
National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering
Association For Women In Science
NATIONAL GIRLS COLLABORATIVE PROJECT Advancing the Agenda in Gender Equity for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

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Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering is the study of ways to protect the environment. Most of us care deeply about stopping pollution and protecting our natural resources. Imagine yourself having more than just a passion for saving our environment, but also possessing the actual know-how to do something about these alarming problems! As an environmental engineer, you’ll make [...]

Electrical engineering

As an electrical engineer, you could develop components for some of the most fun things in our lives (MP3 players, digital cameras, or roller coasters) as well as the most essential (medical tests or communications systems). This largest field of engineering encompasses the macro (huge power grids that light up cities, for example) as well [...]

Biostatistics and Epidemiology

The application of statistics in the health sciences. Epidemiologists study the spread of diseases and model how to respond to epidemics.