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Women in Technology

1. Opportunities in technology for women? Based on conversations that I’ve had, it has leveled the playing field in that many women are still shy or intimidated by meeting people in person or showing what they can bring to the table in a networking event where its dominated by men. The Internet allows that anonymity [...]

Networking and dont be afraid to fail

Two big pieces of advice, which are hopefully applicable across career tracks, are to always look for chances to network, and to not be afraid to fail. Consistent networking, over time, will result in increased options and opportunities for you in your career and social life; you never know when a person you meet, or [...]

Guidance for recent college graduates

This is my guidance for recent college graduates, the economy was really bad when I came out of undergraduate school, and it’s pretty tight now even though some say that it’s turning around but it definitely holds no guarantee even for those most academically talented students. So I would suggest to any person getting ready [...]

What does “Networking” really mean?

I know that people oftentimes say be sure to “network”, and I agree. Networking is crucial. However, I always found that word would trigger a ‘gulp’ response from me. I mean, what does this really mean? How do I make it tractable; something I can feel confident doing. Well, trial and error! As much as [...]

Take advantage of every opportunity

Take advantage of every opportunity that is even remotely related to the field in which you think you are interested. You may think that a particular opportunity or experience isn’t worthwhile because it isn’t exactly what you want to do, but every experience is a good experience when you are trying to figure out your [...]

The “Be’s” of success

Be excellent. Be passionate about and committed to what you do, and have fun when you do it. Have a plan and follow through. Understand the implications of your decisions. Be flexible. Multitask. Find a mentor. Be able to sell yourself. Think both short- and long-term. Be disciplined/ focused.  

Opportunities are abound

At the risk of sounding generic, I would say be open to a variety of opportunities  

Internships lead to job opportunities

When you are a student in undergraduate or graduate school, try to get as many internship opportunities as you can. Internships will not only give you experience in your chosen field, but may also lead to job opportunities and at the very least networking contacts. I did a summer internship every year during my 4 [...]

Keep your eyes open

Dean Marc Hoit once told me to not worry about a 5 or 10 year plan. In the STEM fields, technology can move much faster than that. If you spend so much time learning one thing, it may be obsolete in 5 years. He told me to keep my eye open for new opportunities and [...]

Essential traits to have

Working hard, being positive, open-minded, confident (not arrogant), always learning about myself and from those around me…  

Words of wisdom

Go to a college or grad school where people like you are successful. This is the advice that I give anyone who is seeking to pursue a career in the sciences. In my experiences, raw intelligence plays a very small part in your ability to be successful, but environment plays an important role. If you [...]

The Art Of Living Life

The Litmus Test of All Litmus Tests Often times when we have to make a huge decision in life, we spend a considerable amount of time mulling over what action we should take. But as is the case with everything else one can do, there is a cost benefit associated with each action, mulling included. [...]

The Definitive Guide to Spending Less Time on Facebook

The first thing you must cultivate is a strong disdain for lots of information.  Let’s face it, Facebook (FB) has gobs and gobs of information.  Just silently tell yourself that all the information that FB bombards you with is highly undesirable.  Got it?  Now we can move on with the guide. Ignore the “Live Feed” [...]

Maintain a positive attitude

Maintain a positive attitude, speak positively at all times, start any application process early, have a trusted circle of confidantes, make yourself as indispensable as possible in terms of skill sets, master the art of networking and follow-up.  

8 Things Hiring Managers Look For

8 Things Hiring Managers Look For In New Science and Engineering Graduates To celebrate the achievements of this year’s graduates, we decided to share 8 things that hiring managers are looking for when they consider science and engineering graduates for entry level jobs. These secrets are not in a particular because they vary in importance to [...]

Career Resources

Women in Engineering
The Coalition for Science After School
American Mathematical Society
National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering
Association For Women In Science
NATIONAL GIRLS COLLABORATIVE PROJECT Advancing the Agenda in Gender Equity for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Check out these exciting careers!

Agricultural engineers

Agricultural engineers apply knowledge of engineering technology and science to agriculture and the efficient use of biological resources. In addition to creating advances in farming and agriculture, agricultural engineers apply engineering design and analysis to protecting natural resources, develop power systems to support agriculture, and provide environmental controls.   Useful Resources Women in Engineering The [...]

Marine and Ocean engineering

These engineering fields are closely related, and deal with the design of ocean vehicles, marine propulsion systems, and marine structures such as harbors, docks, and offshore drilling platforms. These engineers are exploring and developing the natural resources and transportation systems of the ocean. Two hundred miles off the coast of Washington state, a research ship [...]


The application of mathematics in the health sciences. It’s an up-and-coming field, and some say it’s the next big trend within mathematics. The Society for Mathematical Biology lists undergraduate and graduate programs. Biomathematics includes bioinformatics, a sort of cs/math/biology hybrid field.