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University of Chicago

Our faculty and students are pioneers, discoverers, teachers, scholars, and change agents. We ask tough questions, engage the world around us, and pursue knowledge with rigor because we believe in the transformative power of ideas.

As the nation’s celebrated teacher of teachers, we place particular emphasis at the graduate level on the training of students for careers in academia and research. Committed to scholarship of the highest order, our faculty has made major contributions to existing bodies of knowledge and to the creation of new fields of study. Chicago scholars seek to break down artificial disciplinary barriers and frequently explore research and coursework outside their selected fields. We have long thrived in an atmosphere of free and open inquiry, which has led to classic studies of literary criticism and urban sociology, the development of ecology, and the study of religions as an academic field.

It was at Chicago that REM sleep was discovered and carbon 14 dating was developed. Our scientists laid the mathematical foundations of genetic evolution; executed the first controlled, self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction; conceived the study of black holes; and performed the nation’s first living-donor liver transplant. Researchers here have also expanded our understanding of dinosaur evolution; reconstructed the evolution of the early universe in astonishing detail; proved that chromosomal defects can lead to cancer; and pioneered scientific archaeology of the ancient Near East.

Eighty-five recipients of the Nobel Prize have been students, researchers, or faculty here. Since 1979, 13 of Chicago’s faculty have been honored with the prize—four in physics, eight in economics, and one in literature. Our creative writers and scholars have recently won the Pulitzer prize, the National Medal of Science, the Grammy award, and the MacArthur Foundation “genius” grant, among other major awards. Even undergraduates have the opportunity to study with a Nobel laureate here.

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