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STEMcp Brings Young STEM stars to Brooklyn Tech High School

As S.T.E.M. Career Paths commenced their offline programs (S.T.E.M. Introduction Workshops), they looked to the legendary Brooklyn Technical High School, and their student leaders of B.O.S.S. (Black Organization of Student Strength) to provide tailored workshops for their peers and their parents, surrounding emerging S.T.E.M. career opportunities.

We decided to produce these S.T.E.M. Introductions Workshops for several reasons. From a marketing standpoint, we decided to create a necessary complement to our online brand with offline integrated educational programs. At the core, we’re focused on introducing a student who may even be remotely interested in the S.T.E.M. disciplines by exposing them to some young, successful, passionate S.T.E.M. Stars who have already sat in the same classes and completed the same coursework not long ago for an interactive and engaging experience. We encourage parents to join the conversation, thereby reaffirming the critical importance for their child – parent support of their child’s pursuit of these S.T.E.M. emerging careers.

Following the programs, we had all kinds of interesting results. We seen a considerable spike in our site traffic (one of our best days since launching in July of 2010). And results from the top 3 search engines showed us that searches using certain keywords after the event were higher than what we typically see.

We’ve also received heartwarming emails from students that attended the workshops asking to maintain contact with us.

It is apparent that we’re demonstrating value to our audience…

Some of the findings we have discovered:

Highlights from the workshops and program overall:

The attendees demonstrated excitement and a willingness to express themselves, their ambitions, hopes and dreams during the exchange with our dynamic S.T.E.M. Stars.

We’re establishing a presence for continued success; we look forward to seeing corporate peers of Intel, leveraging our efforts and building new business relationships. Ultimately, I am calling on Companies like Intel to come together for joint promotions in the future. We have to move beyond the traditional tactics to attract the younger audience.

From a corporate perspective, it will become very competitive with the many corporate employers vying for the attention of our target audience. We haven’t yet scratched the surface with regard to how corporations will be compelled to market their career opportunities in the digital age to a technology-driven audience.


“Even with a robust website and online integration, the offline component, focusing on live interactions between professionals and students in a structured communal setting, is just as important to the success of STEMcp. In essence, by providing an opportunity to personalize the experience for both groups, another layer is added, and the impact is strengthened. I look forward to the expansion of this element of the STEMcp program to cities throughout the country, and the inevitable benefits it will afford.“

-Dr. Raj A. Stewart PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow
Developmental Cognitive Neurology / Radiology, Kennedy Krieger Institute
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

“Participating in the STEMcp and B.O.S.S. (Black Organization of Student Strength) Black history program at Brooklyn Tech High School was a wonderful experience. It was an honor and a pleasure to speak to such gifted and talented young women who also shared with me about themselves; their own hopes and dreams. I was humbled to be entrusted with both the responsibility and awesome privilege of sharing some of my experiences and life nuggets with them; speaking into their lives. I reminded them of one of those age-old adages that so many of us were taught- ‘that we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us… those who struggled to pave the road for us to make our reality a possibility.’ As an African-American woman, I am keenly aware of that truth and this event was timely as we came together to celebrate Black History month. For in reality, I would not have been afforded such wonderful life opportunities had it not been for the great men and women who led and supported the Civil Rights Movement. And looking into the bright and young faces of those gifted young women, I took comfort in knowing that yes, they too will lead the way for future generations… that they will make the discoveries, they will go forth and pave new opportunities and as they do, they will also give back and one day be themselves the shoulders on which others will stand. Those young women will undoubtedly go forth and challenge the stereotypes and status quo; they will break the boundaries, and press to make a difference in the STEM fields and beyond.”

-Dr. Tiffani Bright PhD, Postdoctoral Associate
The Department of Community and Family Medicine at Duke University

“I feel a responsibility to reach back and encourage others. The workshop created a venue for that. If only a single student received our message with respect to dreaming big and pursuing those dreams with excellence, fervor and sacrifice, then our time was well spent. It is a privilege to play a role in encouraging next generation’s leaders in STEM–possible future inventors, Nobel laureates.”

-Joseph Towles, PhD
Research Scientist, Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital, Rehabilitation Inst Chicago
Research Asst Prof, Dept. PM&R, Northwestern University


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