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Participants of STEM eXposure: The Meyerhoff Influence

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STEM eXposure: The Meyerhoff Influence takes an intricate look at the lives of six black scientists and engineers, five of which are Meyerhoff Scholars alumni.

Each of the featured ‘S.T.E.M. Stars’ talks about the challenges faced socially and academically while pursuing their degrees, pointing to the importance of having a support system. Family life and social support as well as the necessity of building self-confidence, and the ability to adapt to different learning techniques are essential to overcoming the odds and resisting to transition out of a STEM major.  This 40 minute documentary and its special bonus segments, women-centered Beautiful~Geniuses, Rising Star Okey Enyia and ”Lessons from the Top”, trumpets the experiential contributions of a varied collective of STEM professionals whose willingness to offer their valuable insights, will help both parents and students, make more informed decisions about their future career paths in STEM.

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