STEM Watch

Atlanta, GA

The University of Georgia is serving as the lead institution for a $4.9M grant from the National Science Foundation with which UGA and partner institutions will be able to develop programs and strategies to increase the number of underrepresented minorities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines. The competitive grant was awarded to the Peach [...]

Chicago, IL

Andrea Zopp, president of the Chicago Urban League has made it a point to identify STEM as a necessary avenue at which the U.S. education system and job market must look to remain competitive in the years to come, specifically for African Americans, who have historically been underrepresented in science and engineering. In an effort [...]

Raleigh / Durham, NC

Business owners, Katrina M. Harrell, in conjunction with 100 Urban Entrepreneurs of North Carolina, is organizing the First Annual Blacks in Technology Entrepreneurship (BITE) Week in Durham, NC from November 6-13. 2011. The theme of the event is “Changing the Face of Technology” and will focus on connecting members of Raleigh-Durham’s African American tech and [...]

San Francisco, CA

Angela Benton and Wayne Sutton, founders of New Media Entrepreneurship Accelerator (NEW ME) program, recently wrapped up the program’s debut run for Summer 2011. Created as a way to provide minority-run tech startups access to tools, information and talent participants were able to take advantage of resources that helped them to more fully develop and [...]

Greater St. Louis Area

A recent donation to Defining Excellence: the Campaign for Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is putting the institution $1M closer to reaching their fundraising goal of $50M for a new 21st Century Center for STEM Research, Education and Outreach. The learning center will be part of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville East St. Louis Charter High School, [...]

Baltimore, MD

This fall, teachers in private and public high schools in the Baltimore area are invited to further their education in science, technology, engineering and math for free. Johns Hopkins University’s Engineering for Professionals program – part of the Whiting School of Engineering – announced in spring of 2011 that the university would be offering free [...]

Milwaukee, WS

General Electric’s non-profit division, the GE Foundation, added Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) to its list of markets for a STEM curriculum overhaul. The foundation’s Developing Futures in Education initiative has already provided funding to strengthen STEM programs in Atlanta; Cincinnati, OH; Erie, PA; Jefferson County, KY; New York City; and Stamford, CT. The MPS won [...]

Houston, TX

Sharon Malveaux, under the guidance of CEO Larry Green, has been Director of Youth and Family Services at HoustonWorks USA since 1993. As the Director, it is Ms. Malveaux’s job to oversee the community youth programs including youth implementation, summer jobs, summits, scholarships and technical camps. Ms. Malveaux uses HoustonWorks’ youth division to service community [...]

New York City, NY

“By 2016, the 10 fastest growing occupations in New York State will require STEM Competencies.” – from the Empire State learning Network website. Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson, president of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, referred to America’s shortage of STEM talent as a “quiet crisis.” With ever-increasing urgency, the United States has to focus its attention and [...]

Cleveland, OH

Cleveland is home to MC2 STEM high School, a year-round, project-centered high school committed to preparing its students for careers in the STEM disciplines. There is certainly a push in the U.S. to focus more heavily on properly training the country’s current and future STEM talent, MC2 is unique in that it physically submerses its [...]