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A great asset for parents

“I discovered the STEMcp website in Fall 2010, and it has become a significant resource for me for getting information on science, technology, engineering and mathematics career paths. I am a software engineer and have always been interested in computers, but as a parent of 2 young boys, I am always looking for ways to introduce them to science and technology that will engage their natural curiosity. My sons are 7 and 4, and just beginning to discover computers and technology. They have access to things I never dreamed of as a kid, and I want to encourage them to take advantage of those resources. The STEMcp website is a great asset for parents to help identify potential career paths for their kids and find contacts and partners in the industry for new opportunities. It also provides role models in the form of people who have already gone on to earn advanced degrees in STEM fields. These people can provide advice and insight into what to expect when pursuing a STEM career and how to succeed. Every parent who wants to encourage their child to explore science and technology should check out this website.”

-Dr. Charles Shelton PhD, Senior research engineer
Robert Bosch Research and Development Center