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At Samsung the key to our efforts is our people, whose talent, creativity and dedication is the foundation of our success. To compete in the global market, we focus on attracting the best talent and offer a corporate culture in which every person can excel. Samsung’s philosophy is based on our strong determination for growth, perpetual innovation and good corporate citizenship. Our practices have proven successful – we are one of America’s fastest growing companies and an acknowledged leader in the digital convergence revolution. As one of the largest companies in the world, the possibilities are truly endless.


Articles from Intel

Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing was one heck of a Celebration!

As I sit on the plane headed back to Austin and reflect back at the past 4 days spent in Atlanta with our Intel team of recruiters, sponsors, panel members and technical contributors, not to mention more than 2100 technical women from around the country, I’m finding it difficult to organize my thoughts enough to [...]

AISES Conference focuses on Native Culture in a Corporate World

AISES Conference focuses on Native Culture in a Corporate World “There are 86,400 seconds in every day and every second provides us with a choice on how we can best use that time”, so said the highly accomplished Dr. Mae Jemison in her keynote address to kick off the 32nd annual AISES conference. This year’s [...]

ChE Dr Olugbenga Famodu: senior process engineer at Intel

Olugbenga Famodu’s career was influenced by the strong science education he got during nine years in his parents’ native country of Nigeria. Today he’s a senior process engineer at Intel’s TMG ramp organization in Hillsboro, OR. He earned his 1995 BSChE and 2005 MS and PhD in chemical/materials science and engineering at the University of [...]

Intel Celebrates 10 Years of Support for the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network

Yesterday evening the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network Teen Summit kicked off at Northeastern University. For those of you who don’t know, the Teen Summit is a bi-annual conference held in Boston, the location of the flagship Computer Clubhouse. The Teen Summit provides an opportunity for Clubhouse coordinators and members to come together for an exciting, [...]