Rising stars

As a child, my family’s slumber was often interrupted by 4:00 A.M phone calls. Although we were currently living in Atlanta, Georgia and were separated from our Nigerian relatives by several miles, many of their calls pertained to medical emergencies. On one occasion, my parents informed me that one of my cousins had died due [...]

Hi, I am Leroy Long and I am a current PhD student in STEM Education, focusing on Engineering Education at The Ohio State University. I was born and raised in Dayton, OH, which is known as the birthplace of aviation. I first became interested in engineering while attending a 4-year summer enrichment program at Wright [...]

It’s not every day that you run into a national chess master. Meeting a teenage chess master is even less likely. But if you happen by the Marshall Chess Club in New York’s Greenwich Village, you may find yourself in the presence of a collection of masters. The beautiful, historic townhouse located at 23 West [...]

My name is Sandya Lakkur, and I am a rising junior at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. I am currently a statistics major with the intention of getting a Ph.D. in biostatistics. In my spare time, I train for charity races and I like to tutor students in any areas of math or statistics. [...]

Engineering, University of Iowa “Morgan, you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. I have faith in you.” That’s a statement I’ve frequently heard throughout my life. My parents always taught me to strive to do my best; never apologize for my success, but more importantly to be a strong black woman every day [...]

Self-Taught Programmer and Repair Technician / He is based in Brooklyn, NY Najee McGreen is a self-taught programmer and repair technician who reads books and studies online tutorials to sharpen his expertise and stay current. His grandfather was one of the first Black engineers hired by Hewlett-Packard and his father is an engineer as [...]

Dr. James E. Walker Presidential Fellow, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale Most people would probably agree that there is a distinct disconnect between science and religion / spirituality. Whether you’re of the traditional belief that the two are antithetical or more along the new school train of thought that science will eventually catch up with religion (or [...]

17 Year-Old Engineering Student Entering his Second Year at FAMU When Ralph Jones Jr. entered Florida A & M University as a freshman last fall, he was sixteen years old. The young engineering student generated quite a bit of press when he turned down the opportunity to attend Harvard University, and 42 other institutions in favor [...]

Talented 15 Year-Old STEM Star That is one word people would surely use to describe Stephen R. Stafford. At the age of fifteen, Stephen is nearing the end of his undergraduate studies at Morehouse College. What’s more – he is an exemplary student who tutors both K-12 students and his Morehouse peers. That’s not all. Stephen [...]

15 Year-Old Rising STEM Star is Harvard-Bound Saheela Ibraheem. Her name has been buzzing in the headlines lately as an encouraging promise of the future of STEM talent in this country. The fifteen year-old prodigy is wrapping up her final year of high school and beginning this fall, Saheela will be starting the new school [...]

VP of the Black Organization of Student Strength in Brooklyn Technical High School. Q. What was your motivation and who influenced you to go to Brooklyn Technical H.S.? A. My mother was my main influence in my decision to go to Brooklyn Technical High School. Since I was little, she verbalized how important it was [...]

On the value of education… My parents are always on me about my grades. My step dad constantly tells me how the real world is difficult and that I should set myself up now to get a great job later. I am all about the importance of life and how we interact ourselves and with [...]

Do You Know Her? By Tristen Graves Jocylen Graves, engineer hopeful and piano extraordinaire. Graves is a third year at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia. She is currently majoring in Engineering Science with a concentration in Mechanical Engineering. On the side she shares her talent and love for music as the piano player at [...]

Engineering Major Fuels Her Passion to Inspire Young Black Women Entrepreneurs Social Media / Blogger From Washington D.C. A few years ago Carol Bronner came to my business school. I was in the audience listening. I don’t know if it was an illusion or naiveté or whatever but by the end of that talk [...]

By: Dylon Rockwell, Massachusetts Institute of Technology I am consistently asked how I got to MIT; my typical answer is by accident. I was at an air show, the ones held in small airports where small planes do crazy acrobatic tricks for an admiring crowd. The show took place right before school started my senior [...]

By Torren Brown Torren is the winner of STEMcp’s 2010 “I’m a S.T.E.M. Star” Essay Contest. He is a 12 year old 7th grader attending Cedar Grove Middle School of Decatur Georgia. Hello, my name is Torren Brown. I am 12 year old. I’m in the seventh grade. I am very active in sports like [...]

By MacCalvin Romain, Boston College Student / CEO and Co-Founder of Swag Media Ent. When I was a kid, my life plan was all mapped out. I had my sights set on playing basketball in the NBA. Or becoming a famous music artist riding in fast cars with expensive jewelry on my neck. In middle [...]


With a bachelors degree in both Physics and Economics, Elon Musk went on to pursue his graduate degree in applied physics and material science at Stanford, but soon after dropped out to figure out issues he saw as “important problems that would most affect the future of humanity”. Even though he never finished getting his [...]

For more than a decade, Dr. Olajide Williams has been medically treating members of the Harlem community and educating them on ways to stay healthy. As the Chief of Staff of Neurology at Columbia University Medical Center, Dr. Williams will admit that he’s received offers to work in other places that would probably prove more [...]

IDEaS Professor and Chair of Human-Centered Computing, School of Computing, Clemson University Dr. Juan E. Gilbert is a Professor and Chair of the Human-Centered Computing Division in the School of Computing at Clemson University where he leads the Human-Centered Computing Lab. He is also a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement Science (AAAS), [...]

NFL Here I come… So I Thought! When his parents did arrive to take him home, Dr. Moore was entrenched in a deep depression. It was his mother who first identified in him the aptitude for compassion and empathy that eventually transitioned him from James Moore, wounded athlete to Dr. Moore, Counselor Educator. Dr. Moore’s love [...]

On his way to making academic history at Purdue University, the usually confident Nwokedi Idika could not avoid the tiny voice of doubt. It constantly reminded him that he was a young black man, and as such did not fit the image of an expert in computer sciences, a field dominated by foreign exchange students [...]

CEO of DimensionU – Educational Videogame Software Producer I started and run a company call DimensionU that creates educational video games. We make education as interesting and as viral as possible in the social media and video game space for children. I grew up in Nigeria playing the old educational video games such as [...]

Sylvester James Gates, Jr. Professor of Physics, University of Maryland I can trace my early childhood roots as a lover of science and math. My first fascination with math – I have this first conscious memory of sort of thinking about it – goes back to when I was age eight. Mathematics in our family [...]

Meet Dr. Chudy Nduaka, Associate Director of Clinical Development at Pfizer and the founder and president of The Africa Education Initiative, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of education in Africa. For Dr. Nduaka, science and philanthropy are virtually inseparable. Born and raised in Nigeria, Dr. Nduaka completed his undergraduate coursework at Ahmadu [...]

Todd Bethel CEO of Kingdom Media Group – Digital Media Solutions Company Kingdom Media Group is a media solutions company that can meet every need in the kingdom of digital media solutions. Our talents and portfolio of work run the full gamut of media services. We compose music, write lyrics, customize commercials as well [...]

Women in STEM

The Age of “Me”dia: Inside the Little Red Box   Mary Spio Founder & President of Next Galaxy Media It is interesting to know that within the next 15 minutes, there will be about 250 million emails sent, about 300 hours of video will be uploaded to YouTube and about 10 people would have proposed [...]

The Power to Create: From Medicine to Microbiology   Dr. Shelley Ann des Etages Senior Principal Scientist, Pfizer I am asked many times how I go about finding new treatments? We can start two ways. One way is to start with a disease. Let’s say we want to think about transplant rejection. You try to [...]

Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson, President, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Growing up, Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson was intrigued by the world around her. She can easily recall being absolutely fascinated by her surroundings, curious about the how and why of natural occurrences. She was so curious, in fact, that she often ran her own scientific experiments on insects, [...]

An Electrical Engineer with a Flair for the Creative President & Founder of The Website Office / She is based in Atlanta, Ga I started my career as an intern for US West in 1994. I thought I was going to major in electrical engineering but after I did my first internship at US West [...]

A Passion for IT In 2001, Atlanta-based IT consultant Saundra Carter was wrapping up her post-graduate studies in Computer Science at Georgia Institute of Technology. Her expected career path mirrored the expectations of her colleagues and predecessors in the field of Information Technology – work in her chosen field with a particular company for roughly [...]