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Accomplished Engineer Capturing an Angle of His Own

Todd Bethel

CEO of Kingdom Media Group – Digital Media Solutions Company

Kingdom Media Group is a media solutions company that can meet every need in the kingdom of digital media solutions. Our talents and portfolio of work run the full gamut of media services. We compose music, write lyrics, customize commercials as well as do film and video work. Not only can produce commercials, documentaries and television shows, we’ve done corporate videos with several businesses here in Atlanta as well as local television golf sports shows for Comcast. For events, we’ve done multi-camera shoots for concerts and theatrical performances. We’re working on some current projects right now creating content for a TV show. If you have a media need, we should be your first stop.


For those who want to get into video, now is a great time to jump into that arena as there a lot of available information for newcomers. For instance, there are ways that you can watch television and movies and learn how it is done as well as how shots are taken. The camera equipment today is not that expensive. You can get a starter camera for less than $100. You don’t necessarily need to have the best equipment, you just you need a desire to learn and tighten up your skills. That is more important than anything else because if you have the skill set, the opportunities will follow you. Remember, the most sophisticated camera cannot make up for a lack of skill and talent.

So I encourage young people to study. Take the time to read books and watch television. And I am not saying to watch TV and turn your brain off. I’m saying to turn your brain on and examine how things are done. Learn how the story lines progress, how scenes are shot and composed and how editing ties everything together so that the story flows and makes sense. Don’t just look at what works – look at what doesn’t work. Then try to figure out why it doesn’t work and what you would have done to correct it. Then you are well on your way to becoming an accomplished videographer.