Women in STEM

Women in STEM

The Age of “Me”dia: Inside the Little Red Box   Mary Spio Founder & President of Next Galaxy Media It is interesting to know that within the next 15 minutes, there will be about 250 million emails sent, about 300 hours of video will be uploaded to YouTube and about 10 people would have proposed [...]

The Power to Create: From Medicine to Microbiology   Dr. Shelley Ann des Etages Senior Principal Scientist, Pfizer I am asked many times how I go about finding new treatments? We can start two ways. One way is to start with a disease. Let’s say we want to think about transplant rejection. You try to [...]

Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson, President, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Growing up, Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson was intrigued by the world around her. She can easily recall being absolutely fascinated by her surroundings, curious about the how and why of natural occurrences. She was so curious, in fact, that she often ran her own scientific experiments on insects, [...]

An Electrical Engineer with a Flair for the Creative President & Founder of The Website Office www.thewebsiteoffice.com / She is based in Atlanta, Ga I started my career as an intern for US West in 1994. I thought I was going to major in electrical engineering but after I did my first internship at US West [...]

A Passion for IT In 2001, Atlanta-based IT consultant Saundra Carter was wrapping up her post-graduate studies in Computer Science at Georgia Institute of Technology. Her expected career path mirrored the expectations of her colleagues and predecessors in the field of Information Technology – work in her chosen field with a particular company for roughly [...]